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How to promote a site for free: 11 cool ways

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Hi friends. In this article, I raise another important topic – how to promote a site for free on your own. After all, it is known – to achieve high places in the search results without the promotion of the project will not work. But the services of specialized specialists are expensive, they can not afford the novice project owner. How to be Do not be upset, do not panic, and do not give up. There are many ways to promote the site yourself, without involving expensive specialists. After reading my article, starting to implement all the recommendations, you can achieve good results. And with painstaking work – even get out in the TOP.


There is no universal recipe. The promotion of each individual project must be approached individually, taking into account its features. But an integrated approach is also important – the more you cover the various tools, the greater the likelihood of success.

Ready to learn all the recipes and secrets, how to promote the site for free? Get comfortable, it will be interesting! By the way, on how to promote a site for free, I tell in detail at my author’s training how to make a site with my own hands . Let me remind you, this is a unique author’s technique developed by me personally. Its essence is to complete practical tasks – you just need to repeat after me and after 4 days you will have your own website, made personally by you on the WordPress platform. Also during training I provide a lot of other useful theoretical information – how to prepare content, how to attract readers, etc. Want to make a website? I invite you to training – follow the link and just leave your address. A message will be sent to him about the start date of the training. Participation in the training is free, there are no fees, even symbolic ones.

If there are several areas that allow to achieve attendance without involving specialized highly paid specialists:

  • strict relevance of pages;
  • high-quality and useful, unique content;
  • registration of a web resource in search engines;
  • registration in catalogs;
  • use of social bookmarking;
  • and much more.

Each of these areas refers to either internal or external optimization.


 Internal optimization is just as important as external. 
They need to be carried out strictly in the complex. 

On the network – a huge number of sites. Including, there are a lot of direct competitors offering similar or similar products, services, content. Therefore, it is extremely important to convince a potential visitor, client, your target audience that your site is the best.

2-Internal optimization: basic tools and tools

To understand how to promote the site for free, it is important to pay due attention to the internal optimization of the project. The basis is high-quality and useful content, unique and giving visitors new information. The success of the project depends on the articles by 50% or even more.

In addition, internal optimization implies the following:

  • optimization of each individual page;
  • clear and logical structure of the site as a whole;
  • understandable for any user and at a glance resource navigation;
  • the presence of internal logical linking between articles and pages;
  • clean and valid code;
  • pleasant, minimalist and high-quality design.

Now a little more about the different tools of internal optimization and the correctness of their implementation.

a. How to promote a site for free: work with content

If you need to understand how to promote a site for free, be sure to check out this section, which requires a clear and proper study, content optimization.

This primarily concerns articles. They must be unique – this is the first indicator, and the most important, indicating high quality content. The uniqueness of the articles should fluctuate at the level of 95%.


To verify uniqueness, there are several services. Among them, I choose It is not only simple and works directly in the browser without installing software on the computer, but also accurate. It also has additional tools – for example, spell checking.

Uniqueness can be lower only in individual cases. For example, if the article is devoted to a narrow topic, which uses a lot of terms, stable expressions. Such materials include texts on:

  • medicine;
  • philosophy;
  • jurisprudence;
  • etc.

Also, “non-unique” is allowed when it comes to formulas, quotes, characteristics.

Search engines love unique articles. The presence of just such materials will allow your site to get to the top of the SERP. If the articles are not unique, you may not even dream about the success of your project.

b. Optimization of each individual page

I continue to talk about how to promote the site for free. Now let’s talk about search engine optimization pages of your project. Its essence is to “sharpen” each page for the most relevant search queries. If you do not do this, you will not be able to attract an audience. The site as a whole, and its pages in particular, simply will not be visible in search engines to potential visitors. There are several rules that should be followed when performing site search optimization.

Internal page optimization: what and how to do
TitleThis is the page title. Thanks to the title, it is possible to significantly increase the relevance of the page. Such a title literally attracts search engines. But it also attracts users who see the content of the page and go to it from the search results.
HeadingsThere are six levels of headings – from H1 to H6. H1 – the most important, the first. It is used only once throughout the page. The rest breaks the page, the text into logical parts. In addition to the main heading, I also use headings of the second and third levels in articles. They are easy to identify in the article. But level 4, 5, 6 – no. Very few people use them.
KeywordsThe page must use relevant keywords. Not only in direct entry. Also, declination, diluted occurrence, thematic synonyms should be used.
DischargeIt can be either bold selections of certain words, sentences, for emphasis, or small selections of two or three sentences.
Additional contentTo make the articles more interesting, easy to read, you should use additional content to dilute the text. It can be photos, videos and other elements.
How to promote a site for free

c. Tree structure, easy navigation

From the correctness, simplicity and comprehensibility of the structure and navigation also depends on the popularity of the resource among users, its place in the search results.

Remember! If the site has too complicated navigation, it is not clear what and where it is located, users will not linger on the web resource. They will leave him. However, search robots also, but at the same time, they will also lower its rating, which will negatively affect the results of search results. 

Information on the site should not be scattered unclear how. A clear structure should be thought out so that the materials are streamlined. One of the best options for the structure is a tree type, which implies the presence of sections, subsections, categories, etc.

Note! The transition from one page to another, from one category to another should be simple, convenient. 

An ideal tree structure – if the user just three clicks go to the page with the information he needs.

By the way! Behavioral factors depend on navigation. That is, how easy and simple it is for visitors to navigate a web resource. The better the behavioral factors, the higher the position of the project in the issue. 

d-Internal linking between articles and pages

I continue to talk about how to promote the site for free. Now I will dwell on the linking of pages in more detail. This is another extremely important indicator that allows you to achieve high positions in the issuance.

Through relinking, it is possible to promote the project at the expense of internal reserves. The essence of linking is to set up links leading to thematic or similar pages.


The more extensive, powerful network of internal links, the better. It allows you to evenly redistribute the weight between individual pages. But also by linking you can shift the weight to the pages that are most important to you. 

Internal linking takes time and effort. However, it is worth it, because it allows you to achieve a result without financial investments. Moreover, if you do the linking immediately on each new page, in each new published article, you can significantly speed up this process.

e-Pure valid code and proper design

The validity of the code is another indicator that search robots love. Of course, if you are not a programmer, this point will seem too complicated for you. However, with the independent development of the site it is not necessary to have the skills of a programmer. Creating your project is quite possible on WordPress – a specialized platform. It has a lot of advantages, and one of them is a valid and clean code. Therefore, sites on this platform like search robots and give them priority places in the search results.

In addition, valid code provides quick site loading. This is important for both search robots and users. Neither the first nor the second like resources that open too long.

Regarding the design, I note that WordPress is also good because it has many free templates and themes that correspond to modern trends and requirements.

3-How to promote a site for free: now about external optimization

Now about how to promote a site for free using external optimization. I note right away that its success largely depends on the correct and effective internal.

For example, it’s not worth it to purchase links, place free links until the work on internal optimization of your project is completed.

The basis of external optimization is to obtain links to your project posted on third-party resources. It is imperative that such links are of the highest quality. What does it mean? Read on!

How to buy links

There are two ways to get links to your site from third-party sources:

1. Paid.

2. Free.

The second option will require a lot of time and effort. The first is not so expensive, although financial injections are necessary, but they are minimal.

Buying links to your site is a very important direction for website promotion. When buying links, you need to consider several factors at once:

  • the resource on which the link will be placed must be related by topic;
  • the page on which the link is placed should be informative;
  • there should not be too many other external links nearby – no more than three;
  • The link should be visible, not placed at the end or footer of the page;
  • if there are several links, then a separate key phrase (anchor) should be used for each;
  • the page on which the link is placed should be indexed, and the site (site) should be visited;
  • overall high resource performance;
  • etc.


When forming the text for the link, it is imperative to include keywords that are relevant to the page of your site promoted through the link. Properly selected keywords motivate users to click on the link and go to the page. 

You need to buy links regularly, and not from case to case. Gradual and regular link building will allow you to achieve good results in promotion.


If the site is young, you don’t need to buy too many links at once. This can lead to problems – search engines will impose sanctions on the project and it will be very difficult to break through them.

You can search for sites for linking by writing to their owners or administrators and discussing the conditions of placement. The best option is to use specialized exchanges:

  • GoGetLinks;
  • SeoPult;
  • Sape;
  • Miralinks;
  • and others.

It is easy to find sites for linking there – a lot of thematic resources are presented to them. Understanding the work of the exchange is not difficult. Everything is simple and clear there. Read the rules and follow the recommendations.

How to promote a site for free

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